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Marietta City Schools K-3 Summer Reading Camp
The reading camp promotes “Fun and Learning” with lots of fantastic books, activities, and games.  Important reading attitudes, skills, and strategies are developed through enjoyable small group learning activities.
Germany Trip
Travel the world for the third time with Hampton, Mayer, and Hall.  In the summer of 2017, students, staff, and community members have the opportunity to travel to Germany on a 9 day trip.  The trip is sponsored by Education First.   Those who have experienced these trips in the past have often returned due to the value and learning that occurs.  It has been a great way for students to connect, teachers to expand content, and community members to experience sites in which they have always wanted to see. Enrollment is open until October 31, 2016.  
You can check out the link for the trip at:
Marietta City Schools 2015-2016 Enrollment Guidelines
Families NEW to Marietta City Schools with a child(ren) in Grade K-12, please call the Board of Education office to set up an appointment. 
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