Update | ADA Accessibility at Marietta Elementary School

On December 12,  Marietta City Schools implemented an assisted entry point at Entrance D of Marietta Elementary School for that evening’s junior high basketball game against Caldwell. Assisted entry was staffed for aid in lifting individuals up the least number of steps from Entrance D to the gymnasium. Following the guidance of the Southeast Ohio Building Department, assisted entry was considered a reasonable measure for that evening only.  

Since then, the district has implemented additional interim and sustainable solutions for accessible entry at Marietta Elementary School, including this week’s purchase of a motorized stair climber and limited expansion of streaming service for the weekend Marietta Youth League games.

  • Stair climber purchase

MCS has purchased a Super Trac Stairclimber that fits standard wheelchairs plus motorized scooters and motorized wheelchairs. This $14,500 unit will not only support access at Marietta Elementary School but is also a sustainable and mobile solution to increase accessibility at all of the district’s aged facilities.

  • Elevator cylinder replacement project

To reopen the elevator for public use, the $80,000 project requires the removal of the old cylinder, environmental mitigation to reclaim lost hydraulic fluid and preparation of the site for the installation of a new cylinder. That work is anticipated to be completed by January 8th, 2023.

  • Livestream Marietta Youth League games Dec. 17 and 18

MCS has expanded its live stream capability to the Marietta Elementary School for use by the Marietta Youth League during games on Dec. 17 and 18. These games will be filmed and available for viewing online at https://bit.ly/MYLfacebook and in the Marietta Elementary School cafeteria, which is entirely ADA accessible for dignified independent mobility.

  • Following Dec. 18, all public events in MES are rescheduled or relocated 

Until the installation of the stair climber or elevator cylinder is completed, all activities open to the public, including games and events, have either been rescheduled or relocated.

Marietta City Schools thanks the public for its patience as we work to continue upkeep and implement safety in our aged buildings, and we apologize for the inconvenience to our community.