Junior High Assisted Entry Announcement

Marietta City Schools has designated an alternative entrance for individuals utilizing assisted mobility tools. That route will be staffed to support entry at tonight’s junior high boys' basketball game against Caldwell.

Individuals requiring assistance can enter via Entrance D located in the walkway between the academic building and the gymnasium and will be greeted by Marietta City Schools staff willing and able to assist entry to the 5:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. games.

“That’s a reasonable alternative to provide a measure of access while the school district works to restore that functionality at the elementary school,” says Rick Dostal, Chief Building Official for Washington County. 

Junior High home basketball games scheduled between Dec. 20 and January 10 for both girls' and boys' teams will take place at Marietta High School while the district works to repair the Marietta Elementary School gymnasium elevator and, if necessary, install additional solutions.

“We’re grateful for the community’s patience as we work through this untimely process. Our goal is always to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for fans to watch our athletes compete,” says Cody Venderlic, Marietta City Schools Athletics Director.

In the spring of this year, our staff found that the elevator cylinder serving Marietta Elementary School’s gymnasium was leaking hydraulic fluid. The elevator was taken out of commission to restore the functions of the 1995 asset.

Then, with inspection and bidding processes approved by the Board of Education to undertake the $80,000 project, the fabrication of the new cylinder began.

“The cylinder we need to replace is about 20 feet long and is about 23 feet underground,” describes Darrell Prim, Marietta City Schools Buildings and Grounds Manager.

To reopen the elevator for public use, he explains, the project requires the removal of the old cylinder, environmental mitigation to reclaim lost fluid, and preparation of the site for the installation of a new cylinder. That work is anticipated to begin on-site during the winter holiday break, with anticipated completion before the Jan. 11 Junior High Boys game against St. Johns Central.

Practice schedules will stay predominately the same, with adjustments dictated by coaching staff as needed.