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Each year, Marietta City Schools conducts various surveys with staff, students and the adults at home who support our Tigers. This data collection allows us to continuously improve how we serve each child’s needs.

In January, we asked for your feedback for strategic planning.

In February, we asked for your feedback for Safe Routes to School and collaboration with the City of Marietta and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Now, we ask for your building-specific feedback about your experience this school year.

“We recognize there has been a lot of change our community has carried in the last three years from pandemic to consolidation to new leadership,” says Sam Tuten, Marietta City Schools Board of Education President. “Receiving feedback is important not only now, but throughout every school year as we grow and improve as a district.”

This continuous improvement survey is open March 1-10 click here or scroll below to take the survey.

Recent Feedback

“Thank you to more than 200 staff, parents, students, alumni, substitutes, community members, partners in education, volunteers, grandparents and guardians who participated in the input stage of our Strategic Planning process,” shares Superintendent Brad Silvus. “Our next step is to reach out to those who have indicated an interest in the goal teams. The core team has identified some key areas and now the goal teams will develop action plans for those key areas as we move forward to create the whole strategic plan.”

To those who indicated an interest in serving on a goal team, please be on the lookout for communication from Silvus as he schedules those sessions in the coming weeks.

Another 1,159 parents reviewed and 458 completed the safety survey sent last month in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation and the City of Marietta.

"This data is a critical piece of how we plan and implement infrastructure upgrades that benefit not only your child’s safe route to school but also yours or your neighbor’s route to healthcare, nutrition and services," shares Geoff Schenkel, both an MCS parent and Marietta City Councilman. "Thank you for helping us partner with Marietta City Schools and the Ohio Department of Transportation."

Bret Allphin, also both an MCS parent and Marietta City Councilman, notes that joint ventures in data collection help voting and administrative leaders make informed decisions.

“Continual improvement requires us to repeatedly gather information,” says Allphin. “We ask because we take the concerns around the schools and the conditions around them very seriously. We recognize there’s a whole universe of needs and all of this data collection helps us prioritize where we begin.”

Continuous Improvement in Buildings

Now, we ask for 10-15 minutes of your time to identify a positive experience within your Tigers’ schools, your top concern this school year and how you best communicate with your child’s school.

“Our District Leadership Team reviewed the data from the previous year’s survey and updated the questions for us to take action this year from your feedback,” says Director of Curriculum and Technology Tim Fleming.

Families are encouraged to fill out the six-question survey for each academic building where a child in their household attends (multiple schools/responses is common in our district with K-2, 3-6 and 7-12 grades separated between four buildings).

Both the positive and concern-based questions also include a set of categories for parent/guardian response including:

  • Academics

  • Transportation

  • Classroom Environment

  • Peer Relationships

  • Extra Curricular Activities

  • Communication

Both questions also offer a comment box to explain your experience.

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Thank you for taking the time to help us improve.