calling all tiger families

Repeated feedback from families, staff and community members across the Marietta City School District has been the call for more visible collaboration. 

“We’ve had a lot of good feedback about needed improvements within our district as we’ve kicked off our strategic planning process,” shares Brad Silvus, Superintendent. “Now, we need to provide our community and city with equally good feedback to enrich their planning as we all reimagine the future for Marietta.”

One opportunity to work together is the partnership between Marietta City Schools, the City of Marietta and the Ohio Department of Transportation to invest state transportation and health dollars into the paths your Tiger takes to and from school.

“Walking together to school can be a really good time to build relationships with your children.,” says Director of Curriculum and Technology Tim Fleming. “Those small routine moments that you have with your child, are the ones that build lasting memories.”

But many routes to and from bus stops, to and from school buildings, and through our neighborhoods could be improved.

“My wife and I have two daughters at Marietta Elementary right now, and I see as I drive them to school the children that have to cross busy streets and intersections in all conditions including rain and fog,” describes Mayor Josh Schlicher.

Now, it is imperative that all families within the district participate in the state Safe Routes to School survey to help identify locations for improvement within the city of Marietta.

The survey results are confidential, but the data will help the district, city and state update the Safe Routes to School Travel Plan, which identifies locations that are barriers to a safe walk or bicycle ride to each of our academic buildings. The last update was in 2017, pre-consolidation, pre-pandemic and pre-SRTS eligibility at Marietta High School.

“Our concern is for the little ones that are walking on the sidewalks and in the places where there aren’t sidewalks,” adds Schlicher. “Their safety is critically important and this SRTS plan is a piece of how we improve.”

The Safe Routes to School program has successfully implemented in Marietta safer street crossings for students, new sidewalks, and traffic calming lights to increase the visibility of students walking to and from school. 

Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey below by February 23.