Learning continues at Washington Elementary School

Marietta City Schools thanks its families and staff for their continued support as it has handled for two months the mitigation of a pipe freeze and break during winter break in December.

“Our second mold testing completed last Thursday has returned positive results with all normal ranges in each area tested, including a reduction from 1,003 spores per cubic meter in the previously elevated area to 114 spores per cubic meter now,” explains Darrell Prim, transportation and facilities manager. 

Now, the district may work with our vendors to determine cost and timeframe for floor removal and temporary installation, while also awaiting additional feedback from the district’s insurance adjuster.

“We have done everything that we have been asked to do and we’re excited to be able to move forward and start removing floors,” shares Brad Silvus, superintendent. “We thank all of our staff for continuing to work through all of the disruptions and putting our students first.”

Mitigation measures implemented after the pipe breaks will continue throughout this next phase, including the continued use of dehumidifiers and HEPA filters.

“We’ve been advised to remain consistent with the current mitigation efforts that are working to reduce levels of mold spores in Washington Elementary School,” adds Prim. “But no new recommendations have come from our environmental firm.”

Sighs of relief were also heard at Washington today with the update.

‘It’s a relief to know that the air quality is safe for all of us, I continue to be impressed with how our staff and students continue to work and learn,” says Cheryl Cook.

Learning will continue within the walls of the PreK-2 building thanks to the dedication of each staff member.