student-athletes serve

Marietta softball players have posed a challenge for the Tiger and Tornado communities to rally behind a Marietta family who lost their home in a fire on April 19 by dedicating the Marietta-Dover game on April 25.

“My family suffered a house fire when I was in second grade, so I know what it was like to not have anything the next day [and] go to school wearing my boy cousin’s clothes and shoes," empathized Junior Anna Moore. "I know what it means to have your own clothes and wear them instead.”

Leadership of the team capitalized upon that background knowledge to guide how they'd organize and help.

“I recommended doing a dedication game and brought it up to our athletic director and got it approved," described Senior Cassidy Wilson. 

The game is set to begin at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 25 and in lieu of ticket sales, Ticket Taker Darci Miller will collect donations for the family.

Needed items include:

• Men’s clothing | size 34/32 pants, large/extra-large shirts, size 10 men's shoes.
• Women’s clothing | | size 7/9 pants, medium/large shirts, size 8 women's shoes.
• Junior girl’s clothing | size 1-3 pants, medium/large shirts, size 4 shoes.
• Girl’s clothing |  size 10/12 pants, small/medium shirts.
• Boy’s clothing | size 10/12 shirts, 10/12 pants, and both size 4-5 shoes and 3-4 shoes (two boys).
• Household supplies.
• Monetary donations to the family as they recover.

Coach Robert Goodwin pointed to the seniors’ modeling high expectations on the team and how they are guiding the classes after them to build the softball program with the growth mindset that will translate off the field.

“Their leadership skills, good communication and I think the fact that they like to adapt and learn other positions,” he described. “In life afterward, learning other positions and how others think, feel and work is a key factor or piece of being successful in life.”

Marietta School Board President Eric Reed also noted the impact when a student wears orange and black while they serve.

“This fits into our big picture where we know that the community is the foundation of who we are. We appreciate our students who recognize that and can empathize when people are hurting," he said. "They know when they wear those jerseys that say 'Marietta' on them, there’s a lot of pride and history that is represented there and will carry on for a long time after. It’s great to see our young people in touch with things outside of their daily concerns.”