Snow/Calamity Days Reminder

Good afternoon Tiger Family,

With winter weather on the horizon, it’s important that we all prepare for the possibility of inclement weather impacting our schedules. We encourage you to review your plans for your child if schools are closed.

Below outlines how district snow/calamity days would be followed by remote learning days in the case of continued interruption from instruction.

Snow Days
Marietta City Schools will remain consistent this year with the five traditional snow/calamity days where students are not expected to complete work.
If we reach a sixth day impacted by snow/ice we will begin remote learning.

Remote Learning
What will Remote Learning look like?
Many students will access assignments and activities via Google Classroom or other methods currently used by teachers. Teachers will communicate with students about this expectation as we reach Day 6.

- Teachers will be available virtually throughout the day to answer emails.
- Teachers may also have established other methods of communication (such as Zoom meetings). 
- Students will be responsible for accessing and completing any assignments
for that day.

NOTE: For any student unable to access this work or who has inconsistent internet access their teacher(s) will provide paper copies of required work when students return. Students will need to request this from their teacher.

Students will have 7 - 10 calendar days to complete the assignments and turn them in to their teacher(s).

In most cases, students will be given assignments to build upon previous lessons and areas needing extra practice. For some courses, new material may be introduced; however, this would typically be for advanced level and CCP courses.

Additional district reminders to assist students and families in remote learning will be sent if/when we reach a sixth calamity day.

Thank you for working with us and stay safe this winter season!