substitutes needed

Keeping our students in the buildings and on track for success requires community support, and we need you.

In July of 2021, Marietta City Schools increased substitute teacher pay from $100 per day to:
- $110 per day for new substitutes, with an increase to $115 per day on the 21st working day.
- $120 per day for retired teachers.

"We are in a shortage of substitute teachers all across our county, our state and I would say in our nation," former board member and retired MCS teacher Stacey Hall learned over her tenure. 

And after concluding her term in office at the close of 2021, she has now joined the ranks of the district's substitutes. 

The following are the needed documents and steps to join in the education of our Tigers:

1. Transcripts *
Note: Due to the shortage of substitute teachers across Ohio, the state legislature currently allows for individuals with only a high school diploma to substitute teach, a temporary change from the previous college degree requirement.

2. Background Check at the Ohio Valley Educational Service Center
Call to make an appointment: 740-373-6669
Cost: $70 cash or money order.
Bring driver's license and city school district application.

3. Substitute Licensure from the Ohio Department of Education
Cost: $25 for 1 year, $125 for 5 years.

4. Complete payroll documentation for Marietta City Schools.