Halloween parade at Washington School

Marietta City Schools encourages families to enjoy a safe and spooky Halloween weekend with costumes and stories on display across the district. 

At Marietta Elementary School, Physical Education teachers Alex Myers and Colton Barnes integrated the ghostly boos with students Friday during games of Monster Tag in the school gymnasium.
Meanwhile, students at Marietta High School were both treated to sweet surprises in the cafeteria thanks to the organization of parents and Board Member Stacey Hall, and in the younger grades to a few mysteries of their own.

In Language Arts, seventh-grade students were tasked with completing a scavenger hunt throughout Shanaka Haney-McGowan’s Haunted Forest Escape Room.
“They will have to use language arts skills to survive!  Initially, they must complete a scavenger hunt about the room to find all the story elements they will need for their escape room challenge.  They must construct a story plot diagram to escape one part of the puzzle, answer comprehension questions for the story in another,” she described. “Yet another part has a maze, and symbols are hidden throughout their challenge booklet. They even have to complete character identification questions on another section.”

Meanwhile across all of seventh grade, a tradition that began at the former Marietta Middle School has continued post-consolidation.

Professor Plum, Dr. Orchid, Mr. Black, Mr. Sage, Reverend Green, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Grey, Mrs. Chestnut and Mrs. Violet Valentine greeted students throughout their transitions between foreign language, science and the remainder of their academics Friday, each with intricate character stories.
“The characters are so intricate that Mr. VanReeth writes, we don’t even know who did it,” shared Crystal Barnett-Sheaves as she prepared for her role.

But at the two lower elementary buildings, the overload of creativity had principals grinning from ear to ear as they wrap up National Principals Month.

Washington Principal Cheryl Cook invited her Preschool through second-grade students to celebrate the brief break in weather Friday with cheers as they marched around the block showing off costumes from the worlds of comics, wizards and fairytales.

And at Phillips, while the afternoon downpour kept students indoors, there was a dinosaur to greet them along their march through the halls and high-fives to Principal Scott Kratche. 

“These kids are incredible,” shared Kratche, in costume as an animal watcher while staff dressed as woodland creatures.
Marietta City Schools wishes each student a safe and healthy weekend.