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Dear Parents and Visitors,

Welcome to Harmar School! Our scenic, historic location at the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers offers the advantage of many field trips within walking distance and a "front-row" observation of the river and river activities. Students, staff, and visitors enjoy our occasional "river-alerts: a PA announcement inviting classes outside to observe the arrival/departure of special boats, a visiting eagle or hawk, or other interesting event.

Our school mission statement serves as a daily guide in maintaining a positive and safe-to-learn environment. "The Harmar School Community will work together to be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn." The vision of Harmar School is to be a school of excellence by meeting the needs of a diverse student population.

Each year a theme unites our school and provides a fun way for everyone to focus on a goal. Since the 2002-2003 school year, students and staff have enjoyed animal themes. Some students and staff have even begun lobbying for a particular animal to represent the theme. This year's animal is a cat with the theme, "Pounce on Possibilities." Pete the Cat reminds us, "Amazing things happen when you work hard."

We are especially proud of our student-operated postal program. Each September, fourth and fifth graders submit applications for one of five different jobs in the school post office. Two crews, one for each semester, are selected and trained. The postal crews are introduced at an all-school assembly that also reviews the correct way to address envelopes. Everyone in the school participates in sending letters and cards. Parents are invited to stop by the school to mail a letter to their own child. Postage is very inexpensive: a hand-drawn picture, sticker or an inked stamp. The Harmar Post Office can be counted on to deliver positive messages. It never delivers bills!

The Harmar Hikers program was piloted in the 2005-2006 school year by third grade teachers, Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Tornes, and their students. In addition to the obvious benefits of ten minutes of sustained exercise, Harmar Hikers proved to be a popular, fun activity and each year more teachers have included this time in their daily schedule. On days when weather permits, students have about ten minutes to walk or run, if they choose, around the black-topped area of the playground. Seven laps equal one mile. Teachers assist with the record keeping. The Harmar Hikers program has received recognition by the Washington County Safety Council and the Ronald McDonald fitness program.

Students have many opportunities for recognition. Each month, the Harmar Junior Pioneer Award recognizes outstanding students in kindergarten through second grade who meet the criteria in the areas of citizenship and school attitude. At the end of each grading period, the Harmar Pioneer Award recognizes outstanding students in grades three through five who meet the criteria in the areas of scholarship, citizenship, and school attitude.

The Terrific Kids program sponsored by the Marietta Kiwanis Club is designed to motivate, encourage, and recognize positive attitudes and self-discipline. Each letter of T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C represents a characteristic which students will need to move successfully into the world of work and to become tomorrow's leaders. Another Kiwanis sponsored program, Bringing Up Grades, recognizes students who bring up grades in the second and third grading periods.

Our school continues to expand the implementation of PAX, a program which helps students develop self-discipline and respect. Adults and students are encouraged to send "tootles" (positive messages) to recognize and thank others for acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.

We appreciate the support provided by so many members of the Harmar School Community. Our school community extends well beyond the families of the children who attend Harmar School and includes the many local organizations and Partners in Education who regularly support the teachers and students of Harmar School. I hope you will choose to be an active member of our Harmar School Community, contributing whatever amount of time you can share: helping your own child at home become and remain an engaged and curious learner, attending and participating in school activities, volunteering, getting involved in PTO. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!


Cheryl Cook

Principal 2019-2020 


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