Marietta City Schools Volunteers

Interested volunteers can access all of the necessary documents for background checks and board approval in the box on the right side of the screen.  If you have further questions or need assistance with the process, please contact our district receptionist at the board office. 

 District Receptionist: Marla Hearn, 374-6500 Ext. 8010, MCS Board Office  

 The schools and the children are made better by the time you give and the talents you share. Thank you for caring.

WHEREAS,tremendous benefits are afforded the students at Marietta through community volunteers who are willing to devote time and talent in providing expanded learning experiences, and

WHEREAS,more individualized instruction and greater personal attention to the unique needs of students can be provided by utilizing this human resource potential, and

WHEREAS,students can benefit from volunteers performing other vital roles-assistance in classrooms, playgrounds, libraries, computers, as health aides within schools, assisting with the middle school and high school sports, and as guides in the Outdoor Education program, and

WHEREAS,this marks the 30th year that volunteers have been approved to serve the Marietta City Schools; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED,that, the Marietta City Schools Board of Education declare that the service of volunteers is part of the educational team, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED,appreciation will be shown school volunteers with a Volunteer/Staff Appreciation Reception.

Marietta City Schools Board of Education
April 24, 2000

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