Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee is a program to identify students behind in reading from kindergarten through third grade.  Schools will provide help and support to make sure students are on track for reading success by the end of third grade.  


Here in Marietta City Schools, all K-3rd grade students are assessed in reading during the first few weeks of the school year or upon their initial arrival into the district.  From these results, students will be identified as either On Track or Not On Track for being successful readers.  All students identified as Not On Track will have an Improvement Plan developed by the school and parents to help the child gain success in reading. 


Students will have multiple opportunities to pass the state test during the school year, or take an alternative assessment approved by the state.  Those entering the summer between 3rd and 4th grade who still need a passing score will be invited to attend summer school.