Superintendent's Message

Hello Marietta!

It doesn’t take much to see that there is a lot going on in our district.

This fall we look different than we have ever looked in the past. Two of our buildings have closed – Harmar and Putnam – and we have completely reorganized the rest of our facilities.

While these changes bring a variety of new and wonderful opportunities, they can also bring about a feeling of loss for those impacted by the closures. No part of this transition has been taken lightly; we all recognize the strong attachment families have with those buildings. In fact, I feel it is the relationships between the families and staff at those schools that will be missed the most. While we can’t recreate every one of those relationships exactly as they were, this is our moment to establish new and lasting connections in our updated settings.

This year’s transitions also involve our staff. While we are happy for them, we are sad to lose 13 staff members and all their institutional knowledge to retirement. The other side of this is that we are able to bring a large number of young professionals into our district with fresh ideas and new perspectives. We are in the first steps of some very exciting changes.

We have a bright future in front of us, and we are all excited to be in the new school year.

Let’s go Tigers!!!


William Hampton 

Superintendent, Marietta City Schools