Partners in Education


There are two options for businesses/organizations that are interested in forming a partnership with Marietta City Schools, Partner in Education (PIE) or Partner at Large (PAL).  A brief description of both opportunities is listed below:

PIE: The PIE category is designed for businesses/organizations that partner with one school and commit to participate in at least one activity per semester with that school.

PAL: The PAL category is designed for businesses that desire to work with the whole school district in various ways. The purpose of such a partnership is to allow a business to offer its resources for the benefit of the education system in its entirety or multiple schools within the school system.

            MCS PIE Goals:

Collaborate with local businesses/organizations to help our students experience success.

Foster relationships and open communication between businesses/organizations and our educational system.

To achieve these goals, the PIE program provides opportunities for all stakeholders to commit to interacting with each other and to celebrating our achievements.

Forms to download: PIE and PAL agreement forms are found under the Quick Links to the right. 

How to get started:

Determine the type of partnership that is right for your organization.

Complete the Community Partner Contact Information Form.

Determine an appropriate meeting time for the business/organization contact person and the school/district contact person.