Marietta City Schools Curriculum Highlights

Marietta City Schools Curriculum

Strong academic development has long been a highlight of the Marietta City Schools. Major academic subjects are reviewed and revised every five to six years by teachers, administrators, support personnel and parents. In this way the curriculum reflects changes in research, methodology, technology, student needs, and state mandates. 

Curriculum Review Process

The Marietta City Schools curriculum is developed using a backward design process based on the National Common Core Standards (NCCS) developed in 2010. Grade level and content specific teams of teachers meet to review the NCCS and begin the curriculum review process.

Each year there is a planned review for curriculum for at least one subject area. A representation of teachers from all buildings involved, interested stakeholders along and the Director of Curriculum will meet throughout the year to:

·       Identify /Review the Common Core Standards to determine what students should be able to do at each grade in the identified subject area.

·       Identify state required assessments for the subject and grade level of focus.

·       Analyze district and grade level data to determine how well students are meeting goals to determine adjustments to be made in the instructional plan.

·       Review/revise formative and summative assessments to frequently assess learning goals at each grade level.

·       Gather and develop activities to help students practice the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies in unit of study.

·       Integrate relevant 21st Century skills and technology applications into the units of study to help students gain skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and technology.

·       Make connections between units to model the integration of knowledge and skills in the real world.

·       Secure materials necessary to implement the plan for instruction.

·       Plan and provide professional development to all teachers

·       Share information with the school board, parents, administrators, teachers and community members.

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