English/Language Arts

Marietta City Schools has adopted the Ohio Learning Standards for English Language Arts.  

Students in grades K-5 receive reading instruction using Amplify CKLA for their core Tier I instruction, 90 to 120 minutes depending on grade level (implemented in the '23-'24 school year). Small Group intervention (additional 30 minutes) is also utilized in each building using 95% Intervention Kits. All reading instruction is based on the Science of Reading, using explicit, systematic instruction. Intervention groups are based on the DIBELS 8 Universal Screener--providing individualized results for each student. Amplify CKLA

Students in grades 6-8 use Amplify ELA, which connects strongly with the foundations being built in CKLA in the prior grades (utilizing the Science of Reading).  Amplify ELA

Marietta High School offers a variety of ELA courses that also allow for the blended learning model.  Modern and classical text are used for instruction within the resources provided by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  

Grades K-12 utilize NWEA MAP Growth a minimum of three times per year for benchmark monitoring. K-2 uses math and reading, where 3-12 uses the program for math, reading and science. NWEA MAP

Ongoing professional development for our teacher's reading instruction is provided by Amplify and we also have cohorts of teachers involved in LETRS training as well training provided by our ESC on Dyslexia.

Resources for review:

Amplify CKLA

Amplify ELA