English/Language Arts

Marietta City Schools has adopted the Ohio Learning Standards for English Language Arts.  

Students in grades K-5 receive reading instruction in small group settings using the guided reading model.  The materials used to provide reading instruction come from the Scholastic Leveled Library 4.0.  Students are provided instruction based upon their individual reading level.  Phonics instruction is provided to each student in grades K-2 using Project Read.  Writing is taught by using Write Tools materials to help students master the writing process. 

Students at the middle school level use blended learning with Study Sync by McGraw Hill.  A strong emphasis is placed on students to use technology and printed resources for learning.  Teachers blend both resources into the ELA instruction.   

Marietta High School offers a variety of ELA courses that also allow for the blended learning model.  Modern and classical text are used for instruction within the resources provided by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  

Grades K-12 utilize STAR reading tests at a minimum of three times per year. This allows parents and teachers to understand the student's reading level. strengths and weaknesses.