The Principal's Office

Phillips Primary School will be a Kindergarten through second-grade building this year. We will also be housing two preschool classes which will be run by our local Educational Service Center. 

Our beginning and end times have been adjusted to accommodate families with children in multiple buildings. Students will arrive at 8:30 am and school will begin at 8:45. When students arrive, they will get their breakfast and eat in their classrooms most days. They will eat breakfast in the cafeteria one day per week, to allow teachers to meet together by grade levels. This is a critical time for our teachers to review their student data and share effective strategies with their partners.

The school buses will drop off students behind the building and parents will drop off their children at the front of the building. Staff will be present to help ensure safety and to help children get to their breakfast and classrooms. Please do your best to follow the directions of staff, in order speed the process and most important to keep children safe. (This will be the same pattern for our student pick up at the end of the day at 3:25 pm.)

Lunches will be held by grade levels in the cafeteria to allow students enough space for comfort and the opportunity to talk with their peers. Students will be given up to 30 minutes to eat before going to recess. We will accept visitors to our lunchroom if they have scheduled with our office staff. Limited seating is available, so please schedule ahead of time. 

I am Scott Kratche, and I am looking forward to being the principal at this wonderful Phillips Primary School! It is my hope that we will create a safe and friendly environment for our students, their families, and our staff to help each other thrive in each of our roles. 


Kindergarten: Mrs.Bennett, Mrs. Gebczyk and Ms. Schadd.
First grade: Ms. Burton, Ms. Ehrenberg, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Weihl.
Second grade: Mrs. Costaras, Mrs. Forshey, Mrs. LeVelle, and Mrs. Rowles.
Title 1: Mrs. Tekavec, Mrs. Haught and Mrs. Mendenhall.
Intervention Specialists: Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Ritzman.
Tier 2 Math: Ms. Mossack.
Tier 2 Reading: Mrs. Huffman.
Art: Ms. Fackleman.
Music: Ms. Webster.
Phys. Educ: Mr. Goodman.

Support Staff:

Secretary: Ms. Alley.
Guidance: Mrs. Cwynar.
Aides/Attendants: Ms. Compton, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Spanner, and Mrs. Weppler.
Custodians: Mr. Treadway and Ms. Treadway.