Principal Message 2021-2022

Hello Wonderful Parents/Guardians of Marietta Elementary School! 

This coming school year, Marietta Elementary School, will have all 3rd-6th graders in Marietta City Schools!  This is an exciting time for our district and for all of our students to come together in one building.  Marietta Elementary School will be located at 242 Seventh Street, Marietta, Ohio, where Marietta Middle School was previously located.  

We are looking forward to this coming school year to meet all of our students and their families!  We understand that this is a big change, but we will do whatever we can to help with this transition.  This change will allow our students to all be together along with all of our resources being in one place. We will now have a full time nurse along with a full time school counselor at our building.  Along with these resources, all of our 3rd-6th grade teachers in our district will be in the same building to collaborate and work together!  

Our Unified Arts team also has been working very hard to provide choices for our students in the areas that they show an interest.  On Tuesday and Thursday, students will have their regular forty minutes of Unified Arts along with another forty minutes of a specific Unified Arts class that they have chosen.  Our fifth and sixth grade students will be able to have band and choir to prepare them for high school.  

We also have many different interventions and supports for our students.  We have added a Tier II Reading and Math Specialist to assist our teachers and our students.  Along with this, we have our Title 1 teachers who will provide support in the building.  We also have our TAG coordinator that will be working with our students.

Our staff has done a wonderful job getting ready for this school year and I am excited about the teachers and the staff that we have at Marietta Elementary School.  Please know that if you need anything during the school year to reach out to us and we will do whatever we can to help! 

Thank you, 

Brittany Schob 

Marietta Elementary School, Principal 

(740) 374-6530 ext. 3015