The Principal’s Office

Welcome to Marietta High School!  You and your child are about to embark on the final leg of your public school journey.  The years spent at Marietta High School will prove to be some of the most exciting and maturing to date, and we are pleased to be traveling along with you on this journey. Times are changing, and demands put on students today are quite different from those of a few years ago. Opportunities and choices are abundant, so careful planning and a good relationship between the home and school will certainly enable your child to maximize his/her educational experience at M.H.S.

The responsibility for getting an education rests with each of you as individuals.  In order to succeed during your years at M.H.S., you will need to set definite goals and plan your daily activities toward achieving those goals.  It is also important to be willing to put forth the time and effort needed to be successful. You will then enjoy the satisfaction and pride that results from doing the best you can.

Remember, the staff at M. H. S. is here to help and support your efforts.

Good luck and have a wonderful year.  We are excited and honored to have you as a student at MHS.

Chad Rinard