Board of Education Meeting
The Marietta City School District Board of Education will have its regular July board meeting on Monday, July 26 at 6:00 pm.  It will be held at the Board of Education offices located at 111 Academy Drive or you can follow along on Facebook by clicking the link.

Board of Ed

Marietta City Schools Board of Education

Current Board of Education Members
Russ Garrison - [email protected]
Vice President
Doug Mallett - [email protected] 
(Home) 740-373-4031 

Stacey Hall  - [email protected]
(Cell) 740-525-7638 
Mark Duckworth - [email protected] 
(Home) 740-376-9839
(Cell) 740-525-2376 
Bill Hutchinson - [email protected]

The board of education of the Marietta City School District is a policy-making group with oversight responsibilities to provide sound public education opportunities to the young people of our community. The board is an elected body of five citizens. In odd-numbered years members are elected to four year terms on a staggered basis.

Regular meetings are generally held on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 PM. Meetings are sometimes moved to the third Monday when the fourth Monday falls on a holiday or break from school. Special meetings may be called to deal with immediate interests of the district or as educational study sessions. Advance notice of these meetings is given to the local media. All Board Meetings are held at 6:00 PM at 111 Academy Drive. Usually special meetings are convened at the Central Office Building. Agendas for the meetings are prepared in advance. They are available on request at the office of the superintendent in the Central Office Building or at the time of the meeting.

All meetings are public meetings and the public is most welcome. There are no secret meetings or secret actions. All actions of the Board of Education of the Marietta City School District are taken in public meeting by roll call vote.

During the meetings there may be an occasion for the board to be in “executive” or private session. These sessions can only be held for specific reasons described in Ohio law and must be announced prior to the executive session. No action can be taken by the board during executive sessions.

A portion of each regular meeting is designated to hearing from anyone who wishes to speak directly to the board. As all citizens are welcome to attend the meeting, all citizens are welcome to speak.

Our public education system is a fundamental responsibility of the State of Ohio and this community. The response to the concerns of all citizens is important to the successful operation of that system. Specific problems or concerns of individuals or groups can often best be resolved when directed to the parties involved, such as teachers, principals, bus drivers, the superintendent, the transportation and grounds manager, the business manager, or the director of instruction.


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Meeting Dates - 2021

January 7, 2021 Organizational Meeting
January 7, 2021 Special Meeting
January 25, 2021 Regular Meeting
February 16, 2021 Special Meeting
February 22, 2021 Regular Meeting
March 22, 2021 Regular Meeting
April 26, 2021 Regular Meeting
May 24, 2021 Regular Meeting
June 28, 2021 Regular Meeting
July 26, 2021 Regular Meeting
August 23, 2021 Regular Meeting
September 27, 2021 Regular Meeting
October 25, 2021 Regular Meeting
November 22, 2021 Regular Meeting
December 27, 2021 Regular Meeting
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