General Supply Lists 2019-2020

6th grade supplies 2019-20 

Organizational Supplies:

-      Hole reinforcers

-      Notebooks or notebook paper

-      Zippered pen/pencil case

Supplies specific to subject areas:



-      1-inch 3-ring binder or 2 spiral notebooks

-      A LOT of glue sticks!

-      Extra paper towels (give to science teacher)

-      Colored Pencils


Accelerated Science:     

-      2-inch 3-ring binder

-      Extra paper towels (give to science teacher)                                  

Language arts:

-      headphones/ear buds

-      3 x 5 index cards

-      2 pocket folders  (one to remain in classroom, one to carry with student)

Social Studies:                       

-      1-inch 3-ring binder   



-      1-inch 3-ring binder

-      A pack of loose leaf paper, college ruled

-      3X5 index cards

-      Headphones will also be used, but can be the same ones as used for language arts

-      Binder divider tabs

Specials:  (note, students will be notified of exactly which specials they will be in when the school year begins)

-      Folder for each

-      P.E.:  a set of athletic attire (not worn to school) to change into every day for class

-      Computer skills:  no additional supplies

*** Individual teachers may have additional supplies that will be needed for their subject areas.***   For instance, a flash drive to be used for an “electronic portfolio.”

Hygienic Supplies:

-      2 boxes of tissues

-      1 roll of paper towels

-      1 container of disinfectant wet wipes

Donations of bottles of hand sanitizer to be set out for classroom use would be greatly appreciated!!  Extra boxes of tissues and disinfectant wipes are also greatly appreciated!!

Basic Daily Supplies:

-      Pencils

-      Pens

-      Scissors

-      Colored pencils

-      Markers

-      Highlighters

-      Ruler

-      Glue stick

-      3 x 5 index cards

-      Water bottle - must be clear, and must have a lid

6th Grade Art:

  1. Regular Pencil
  2. Coloring Supplies (preferably colored pencils)

PLEASE NOTE:  Items such as trapper keepers, large notebooks, and big bulky backpacks will not fit in our somewhat small lockers. All supplies are to be kept in lockers – there is no classroom storage space for student materials. 




7th Grade Supplies 2019-20

General Supplies

-       Loose Leaf Paper

-       Pencils (mechanical or wooden)

-       Tissues

-       Erasers



-       One Inch Three Ring Binder


Language Arts

-       One two pocket folder

Social Studies

-       Folder

Honors Math

-       Three Ring Binder


Honors Language Arts

-       One Composition book

-       One Spiral Notebook

-       Binder or folder




Honors Social Studies

-       Three Ring Binder

-       Notebook

Honors Science

-       One Inch Three Ring Binder

-       Spiral notebook with holes (to fit in binder)

General Music

-       One two pocket folder

-       One subject notebook


-       1 ½ in Three Ring Binder

-       Dividers

       -        Composition Book 



Eighth Grade Supply List

2019-2020 School  Year



-     Pencils

-     Loose Leaf Paper

-     Pens - blue or black and red

-     Colored pencils

-     Scissors

-     Glue sticks

-     Index cards

-     4 three-ring binders (for your 4 core classes)

-     Binder dividers

-     2 tissue boxes

-     Notebook/journal (if taking the Chinese course)

-     Spiral Notebook

-     Composition Notebook (if you are a new student to Honors English)

-     Regular--Wooden Pencil for Art

?      2                 -      2 Pocket Folder for Art 

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