From the Superintendent, William Hampton.....

Hello and welcome to the 2015-16 school year! This is an exciting time for Marietta City Schools for a number of reasons. We have new faces, new technology and new educational services.


Over the past three years we have hired 54 new teachers. This year, four of our six buildings have new administrative leadership. All of our schools will benefit from the addition of a new hybrid administrative position. And, starting this fall, our central office will have two new administrators, including me as your new superintendent. These changes put us at an important point of transition. New people bring novel ideas and a focused energy with enthusiasm for learning.

Below is a breakdown of the administrators, the changes and what these changes mean for you and MCS:

Marietta High School

Chad Rinard, principal (new)

Chris Laumann, assistant principal (new)

Marietta Middle School

Brittany Schob, principal (new)

Travis Abbott, assistant principal (new)

Harmar Elementary

Cheryl Cook, principal

Phillips Elementary

Todd Caltrider, principal

Putnam Elementary

Scott Kratche, principal (new)

Washington Elementary

Melissa Nething, principal (new)

New Hybrid Administrative Position - Attendance and Home Services Coordinator 

Lynn Doebrich will serve in this new position which is unique to MCS and will only service our Marietta students and families. By tying together funds from a couple of grants, Mrs. Doebrich will work with students and families on three fronts: attendance, homelessness and prevention services. Many of the families she will work with may have overlapping needs. We feel this is an important position and a service that will have a significant impact on our students’ success.

Central Office

Jona Hall is stepping into a new position at MCS. You may know her from her work at MMS and as principal of Putnam elementary. Ms. Hall will now be our Director of Curriculum and Technology. She brings a great deal of energy and knowledge to our district, and we are all very excited to begin working together.


Issues surrounding technology upgrades were a big focus of the previous year. Tasha Werry spearheaded the Young Entrepreneur Consortium - or YEC - grant participation that resulted in new technology (hardware and software) and training for MMS and MHS.

Over the summer we were able to install new media centers at MHS and MMS. These will serve as hubs for students and staff to access information and collaborate using technological applications. There have also been curricular changes at MMS as our schools begin to expand and adapt to our technology opportunities.

Our elementary schools will also benefit from the expansion of technology. The computers that were replaced at MMS and MHS will be filtered down to the elementary schools for application in the classroom and in labs. This is long overdue and is just the beginning of our work to strengthen our programs. Having a plan to refresh our technology and keep current with changes is a priority for MCS.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and we want to improve our communication with you. All school administrators have been trained by a communication specialist to use social media as a communication tool. Every school in the district will soon have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. We hope this makes it easier for you to send and receive information about our schools. You will still receive the Robo-calls that you have always received. The social media tools are just a way to enhance our communication with students and their families.


This year will be the first year that MCS will have the ability to serve our talented and gifted - or TAG - students fully in quite some time. Connie Wasco (formerly 8th grade MMS Social Studies) will be stepping into the role of MCS TAG Coordinator. Mrs. Wasco will facilitate services to our TAG students throughout the district. I am very excited to bring this service back to our schools. We all look forward to seeing the growth in all of our students.

I also want to make you aware that this year we have a levy on the ballot in the fall. This is a renewal of a previous levy so there will not be an increase in your taxes. Renewing this levy is important to our schools. We work very hard to make good financial decisions and get the very best we can for every penny. This levy will help ensure that we can continue to look for more creative ways to serve our students. Your support is critical as we face ever changing state budgets.

I know this message is a little long, but I’m enthusiastic about MCS and have great pride in my colleagues and my community.

Thank you for your support.


William Hampton


Marietta City Schools


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