Alert Information for Thursday, February 11, 2016
All-Day Closure
Marietta City Schools are closed today,
Thursday, February 11, 2016
Students are to complete Blizzard Bag # 2
** All Buildings Affected **

Marietta City Schools

Blizzard Bag Directions 


Marietta City Schools has applied with the Ohio Department of Education for permission to use blizzard bags to assist with calamity days used during the 2015 – 2016 school year.  Blizzard bags will be posted on the website starting the first day they are assigned.  Marietta City Schools chose to assign the first blizzard bag on the third calamity day.  It is our effort as a district to try and space out the workload in the event that subsequent calamity days are used.  Please refer to the schedule below as to when blizzard bags will be assigned. 

Snow Day / Blizzard Bag Schedule:

Snow Day #1

Snow Day #2

Snow Day #3: Blizzard Bag #1- January 25, return by February 8

Snow Day #4

Snow Day #5

Snow Day #6: Blizzard Bag #2- February 11

Snow Day #7

Snow Day #8: Blizzard Bag #3  


Expectations for Blizzard Bags:

1.     Blizzard bags will be due two weeks from the day assigned (i.e. the calamity day).  All assignments must be completed.  Late assignments or incomplete assignments will not be given attendance credit.

2.     Students can either print the assignments from the website or ask their teacher for the assignment upon returning to school.  If a student is unable to print the assignment, it is the responsibility of the parent or the student to communicate that a paper copy is needed.

3.     Elementary students are to complete one unified arts assignment per blizzard bag.  As an example, if the child is in a music rotation during blizzard bag one, they should complete the assignment for music.  All other days they will be allowed to choose one of the remaining assignments for the unified arts. 

Marietta City Schools Blizzard Bags
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